• Composites Automation LLC  

    Superior Services for the Composites Industry

Composites Automation, LLC (CA) focuses on advanced composite materials and process technologies. We are seeking to develop unique composites products, such as novel composite materials and advanced composite processing and automation solutions. Founded in 2001, our customer base includes industry and government partners. Composites Automation, LLC has unique composites processing (autoclave, prepreg, LCM, forming), materials (fibers and polymers), analytical and finite element design capabilities. CA has world-wide exclusive license for TuFF technologies, the world's strongest short fiber compositeCo-located at the world-renowned Center for Composite Materials at the University of Delaware (UD-CCM) the unique relationship gives access to more than $10Mil in equipment for materials and processing research as well as key personnel with a vast experience in the field of composites R&D.